AO Coolers Review – Why Are These So Good?

Woohoo, a beach day with your family! You have the towels rolled up nicely in the car, swimsuits on, a little sunscreen on your nose, and you are ready to hit the beach. Before you go, you may want to pack up a few sandwiches and drinks for the afternoon. Now, only if you could find something to put those in. This AO Coolers review will help with that.

soft cooler on boat

Don’t bog your car down with a clunky old cooler you found in the garage. All that will get you is a cramped ride to the beach and a cooler full of water and soggy sandwiches by the afternoon.

You see, this has happened to me a few too many times. That is why I started trying out different cooler brands to find one that is functional, efficient, and will keep your goodies cool.

AO Coolers Review – Tried and Trusted

Through my experiences trying out this or that brand, I found the perfect cooler! AO Coolers will forever be the only cooler I use. They have a variety of soft coolers for a plethora of uses and occasions. Not to mention, you can count on AO Coolers to do what they are meant to do: keep things cool.

If you are in the market for a new cooler or just sick of dumping water out of your old one, I have a few products from AO Coolers for you to consider.

AO Soft Cooler Review: AO Coolers Water-Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation, 12-can to 48-can

The water-resistant vinyl outside of this product is just awesome. Whether I am packing some drinks for a baseball game or heading out on the boat, I know that this cooler is going to keep my treats from getting drenched when I accidently knock it into the water. It comes in 3 colors: Black, Royal Blue, or Silver and has size options for 12-cans, 24-cans, 36-cans, or 48-cans. This is perfect because it has the space for whatever occasion you’ll be using it.

leak proof AO cooler

Features of this Versatile AO Cooler

  • Durable, water-resistant vinyl
  • Large main compartment to hold beverages with a separate side pocket.
  • Removable shoulder strap.
  • Top handles to carry cooler.


  • Ability to keep ice for an extended period of time in hot climates.
  • Waterproof exterior.
  • Separate compartment to keep other items.
  • Leak-proof.


  • Product size for different uses. This can be remedied by knowing what you plan to use it for and ordering the next size up to account for extra items in the cooler.
  • Limited color selection. AO Coolers does offer other colors for other styles of cooler.
  • Cleaning the product. Instead of hosing it out like with hard coolers, you may have to do a wipe down of the inside and outside of the soft cooler.

Our Opinion

Love this cooler! It’s much easier to handle than a hard cooler, and offers the quality that other soft cooler brands don’t.

I took the 36 can version of this cooler to a family reunion barbeque and was able to fit a variety of drinks to keep us going through the flag football game.

Check the link below to be taken to the Amazon product page for this fantastic cooler.

Check Out the AO Coolers Water-Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

AO Cooler Review: AO Coolers Vinyl SUP Soft Cooler

This soft cooler has some pretty unique features that really come in handy for outdoor use. It comes in 2 colors: Silver and Royal Blue, with the capacity to hold 15 cans accompanied by 5 pounds of ice.

AO Coolers review


  • Durable vinyl exterior.
  • Structured shape to keep cooler upright during activities.
  • Top handles and removable shoulder strap.
  • Insulated liner to keep ice.
  • 4 Eye hooks used to tie down if needed.
  • 2 Optional suction cups.


  • Insulation made to keep ice for 24 hours.
  • Suction cups and eye hooks make it easy to stay stationary during any activity.
  • Waterproof vinyl exterior.
  • Structured square shape makes for ease of packing.


  • As with the other AO Cooler soft cooler, the color selection was slim. Again, easily overcome as they offer a variety of products.
  • No size options. This product only comes in the 15 x 9.5 x 9-inch size. This cooler is meant to be a bit smaller though, making it easy to use for outdoor and water activities.
  • May be uncomfortable to carry with the shoulder strap as it is box-shaped and won’t lay flat against the side of the body. The top handles are the preferred method to carry.

Our Opinion

AO soft coolerThis AO Cooler soft cooler is one of a kind. The thought that the designers put into making this product shows in how functional it is.

If I were an avid paddle border or canoer, this would be my cooler of choice. It has the appeal of easy packing paired with durability while participating in activities. You don’t have to worry about it tipping over with the eye hooks and ties as well as the suction cup. A wonderfully made product, indeed!

If you’re keen on this ruggedly made cooler, check the link below.

Check Out the AO Coolers Vinyl SUP Soft Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

AO Coolers Motorcycle Saddlebags: 15 Pack Canvas Soft Cooler

An AO Coolers Motorcycle Saddlebag?! What a great idea for a product. This is a niche that will come in handy to so many hitting the open road.

AO Coolers motorcycle saddlebags


  • Durable canvas exterior.
  • 15 can capacity.
  • Sturdy zipper to close.
  • Ability to keep ice for 24 hours in hot climates.
  • Leak-proof interior liner.


  • Slanted shape makes for easy storage in a motorcycle.
  • Insulation will guarantee that even when riding your motorcycle in the heat, the contents of your bag will stay cool.
  • Sturdy top hand straps make is easy to carry.


AO cooler review

  • Slanted design may be an unusual shape to store in other places. However, if you are interested in this product for the intended purpose, then you will be more than satisfied.
  • Black is the only color offered. Not a deal killer, just worth noting.
  • Canvas is not a waterproof material so the outside of the soft cooler may become wet if exposed to moisture. The leak-proof liner inside will prevent any of the condensation from the ice from soaking the canvas.

Our Opinion

This is a genius way to store drinks and more for all of those motorcycle enthusiasts. There is not a product out there like it that can boast not only a unique soft cooler motorcycle saddlebag shape, but also the guarantee to keep ice for 24 hours. I give this product 10 out of 10!

Motorcyclist or not, check the link below for this truly unique soft cooler.

Check Out the AO Coolers 15 Pack Canvas Motorcycle Saddlebag Soft Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

Final Thoughts on AO Soft Coolers

I am amazed by the level of functionality they were able to fit into these bags. It’s as if they sat down and made a list of every potential problem with a run-of-the-mill cooler and said, “Now, let’s fix it!”

Some of the product highlights that I would like to point out that we saw throughout the review are as follows:

  • Functionality of AO Soft Coolers is unbeatable.
  • Every product is designed with the kind of durability you know will last years in the future.
  • There aren’t any scenarios or activities that come to mind in which one of the AO Soft Coolers wouldn’t be the best option for.
  • Style and design aren’t lost in the functionality of these products.
  • The abundance of AO Soft Cooler styles, shapes, sizes, capacities, and colors give you so many options to choose from, that I’m confident you will find the perfect one for you!

Take it from me. I have tried so many coolers over the years and this is the one brand that sticks out in quality and innovation among the rest.

All you have to do is adventure, AO Coolers will take care of the rest.