Best Cooler Bag Reviews, An Update

There are many times you will need a cooler bag in the summer. Whether you plan to hit the beach for the afternoon or are planning a picnic in the park, it is important to keep whatever foods and beverages you bring along cool. Not many people like the taste of lukewarm water or partially melted ice cream. The best cooler bag you can buy nowadays can certainly help with this!

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Disposable Cooler Bags Have Limitations

Large disposable coolers might be inconvenient unless you are driving a car, but Insulated cooler bags are a lot easier to tote around and will fold into your beach bag or backpack nicely when empty.

Furthermore, disposable coolers are often a lot less effective and break more easily than true soft coolers.  Rather spend a little more money and get a bag that you can use indefinitely – trust us, there will always be another occasion where you need a cooler bag.

So What Is The Best Cooler Bag Model Out There I Hear You Asking?

To find this out, we took three of the most popular models available and compared them side by side. We looked at each model’s insulation value, its durability, ease of use and portability. You could drag along your regular-sized cooler bag for individual use or you could go for something more realistic for group settings. Read the full review below to decide which will work best for your specific needs.

Coleman Cooler Bag – Convertible Hot/Cold Tote bag

cooler tote bagIt is now easy to get your food and drinks, whether hot or cold, to your next meeting with the Coleman Cooler Bag. The tote’s outer layer is made using sturdy, durable materials while the inner liner is essentially a foil that maintains the temperature of all foods and beverages in the bag. It also has a zippered compartment to keep food and beverages secure and at the optimum temperature.

This Coleman cooler’s unique handle design allows users to carry and set this cooler bag down in either its standard upright position or lay it down horizontally in case you were using it to hold food bowls. It is perfect for use when out camping, picnicking or for daily excursions to the beach. What’s more, its beach-inspired design that folds flat when empty makes for easy transport and storage.

Coleman Cooler Bag Features

coleman cooler bag

  • Comes in a 12 can cooler bag variety up to 24 can
  • Is constructed with hot welded seams to prevent leakages.
  • Has a zippered primary compartment to keep food articles cold.
  • The tote folds flat to save storage space.
  • Is equipped with convertible handles to allow you to carry it upright when keeping multiple.
  • items cool, or horizontally in the case of casserole meals.

Pros of this 12 Can Cooler Bag to 24 Can Capacity

  • Large and spacious.
  • Space saving design.
  • Can be used in both upright and horizontal positions.


  • Only one zippered compartment thus limiting the variety of items that can be carried in the bag.

beach cooler bag

Our Opinion

What really sets this bag apart is the fact that there are straps that allow you to carry and set it down in both upright and horizontal positions, allowing you to store both food dishes and beverage cans.  Arguably the best cooler bag for beach parties and family picnics

Check out the Amazon page by clicking the link below if you’re keen on getting yourself this fantastic cooler.

Check Out the Coleman Convertible Cooler Tote Bag (Amazon Product Page)

Seattle Sports Kayak Fish Cooler Bag

Like most deck-side coolers, this kayak catch cooler is built with a heat reflective, thermally efficient exterior and closed-cell foam insulation. Easy to clean, the pull-out-fish bag/thermal liner allows you to keep the outer insulated shell on the boat while you take the catch ashore.

fish cooler bag

This removable internal thermal liner also makes for easy cleaning. What’s more, this model is available in two sizes to accommodate all kinds of catch from trout to bonefish. The medium sized model is a 1 lb, 3 oz and has a 13 litre capacity while the larger model is 1 lb 12oz and has a 22 litre capacity.

To keep the water out, the bag is sealed with RF welded seams and employs the time honoured 3-roll closure method that keeps water out. Its low profile design is streamlined to fit neatly on your kayak’s deck.

Main Features of the Seattle Sports Cooler

  • Multiple tie-down points make it easy to secure the fish cooler bag on your kayak’s deck.12 can cooler bag
  • Has a top bungee holder.
  • Comes with an easy to use, pull out thermal liner.
  • Has a heat reflective body and utilizes closed cell foam insulation.


  • Water-proof construction makes it ideal for keeping both your catch and beverages cool without letting in sea water.
  • The removable thermal liner makes for easy cleaning.
  • Can be easily secured on any kayak’s deck thanks to the tie down liners and bungee holder.


  • According to some, it doesn’t stay cold for long very long durations when stuffed full. This can be expected and will be the case with any cooler.

Our Opinion

Kayaking may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when you do decide to try, it will definitely be worth your while to bring a fish cooler bag along to keep both your catch and your refreshments cold. The Seattle Sports Kayak Fish Cooler Bag is not only spacious, but its features are also perfectly adapted for kayak use.

A definite must have so click the link below to see some more info on this awesome cooler.

Check Out the Seattle Sports Kayak Fish Cooler Bag (Amazon Product Page)

Freddie and Sebbie Beach Cooler Bag

best cooler bagWhile Freddie and Sebbie is a relatively young company at just two years old, its beach cooler bag is one of the best quality items on the Amazon marketplace. It is made using high quality, leak-proof materials specifically designed to keep out the warm summertime air and maintain a cool interior.

It is an extra-large bag that you can take on any outdoor activity, from picnics to BBQS, trekking journeys to sports games. Unlike some of the less expensive models, it has large cushioned carry handles and a strap specifically created to make it portable.

What’s more, it is equipped with two Velcro straps to keep it completely flat when folded away, thus saving space. It was designed to last, is available at a budget friendly price and most importantly, has the complimentary Freddie and Sebbie lifetime warranty.

Freddie and Sebbie Food Cooler Bag – Features

  • It is a large cooler bag at 13″Height, 6.5″Wide, 17.5″Length.
  • High quality materials and durable construction gives the bag an extra-long life.
  • Lots of features make for very functional bag, great for most events.
  • Super strong YKK zipper.

Pros of this Cooler Tote Bag

  • Extra durable.
  • Super spacious.
  • Wide, comfortable hands make it easy to carry.


disposable cooler bags

  • The bag reportedly leaks if you put ice directly into the cooler, and so it needs ice holders to be placed in the bag. This is common for lower cost coolers.
  • The shoulder straps are not the same size. This was done on purpose but some find it a little uncomfortable to carry if the bag is packed with heavy items.

Our Opinion

You will love the versatility of this cooler bag. Its size makes it ideal for picnics. Its side zipper is great for storing mobile phones and keys while out and about.

Click the link below to read more reviews of this cooler and to purchase it for your next outing.

Check Out the Freddie and Sebbie Beach Cooler Bag (Amazon Product Page)


There are a few things you need to have in mind when looking to purchase the best cooler bag. Obviously, the first consideration is the cost, but it is also very important to determine your needs and compare them with the features on offer.

What setting will you be using the cooler in, how many beverages do you want it to hold? Apart from food and beverages, would you like to pack any extra odd items in it (cell phones, books, etc.). Once you answer these questions, you will have all the information you need.

Any of the above three coolers are brilliant, so if one of them seems to meet your needs, go ahead and get it for yourself.  You won’t regret it!