The Best Lunch Cooler Bags Rundown

cool lunch bag tote bagFor many years, the practice and tradition of carrying food with us to school or to the office has been practiced. It is and has been one sure way of ensuring that the food we eat is well prepared and kept under hygienic conditions. It is also a sure way getting something to eat. Another factor is that it is the most economical way of getting a meal while you are away from home. How else will a parent be sure that their child has had something good to eat? In the previous years, we carried food in brown paper bags. It got squashed, and by lunch time, it didn’t look very enticing but we still had to consume it or otherwise go hungry.  These were before the days when we had the best lunch cooler bags available to us.

With so many cons of carrying food around in lunch boxes or paper bags, came the invention of the cooler bag. What a relief. They are easy to carry, hygienic, organized, and durable.

Save Yourself the Hassle and Get One of the Best Lunch Cooler Bags Instead

Throughout the years, cooler bag manufacturers have been working to improve on the design of the interior and the exterior of their cooler bags in a bid to outdo the other and improve on the products in the market. Here we look at 3 of the best lunch cooler bags available on the market today.

Coleman Lunch Box Coolers

This cooler bag is very stylish. It is ideal for that fashion conscious teenager or adult. The long carrying handle makes it easy to carry. It can actually work as a sling bag and for a person who is very active, it would be fantastic. It also comes in neutral colors making it good for both men and women.

best lunch box cooler

Major Features of Possibly the Best Lunch Box Cooler Around

  • It comes in 9 can and 16 can sizes.
  • It is highly insulated.
  • Antimicrobial protected interior.
  • Heat welded seams which are strong and durable.
  • Two hanging slings for ease of carrying.
  • Easy to clean
  • Outer pockets make it convenient to carry and use for carrying other items.

Pros of this Lunch Box Cooler

coleman lunch box coolers

  • Quite convenient to use and carry. The two slings make it easy to carry on either your shoulder or even hanging from your hand.
  • It is made with neutral colors making it easy to carry for either a man or a woman. This also makes takes the pain out of having to choose which one is best for you or as a gift.
  • The outer pockets make it easy to carry other items like phones or snacks.
  • When you need to carry something that you need to keep cold, you can use cooler packs without damaging the bag.
  • Ice packs also do not make it sweat.
  • The heat welded seams help avoid leakages.
  • Can double as a handbag for ladies.


  • The straps are perhaps a little too long but can be adjusted somewhat at least. This will only really be a problem for the shorter folks out there.
  • The outer pockets lack zippers and therefore make it risky for putting in your valuables.

Overall this is a fantastic lunch cooler, so click the link below to be taken to the Amazon product page for more information and to purchase.

Check Out the Coleman Cooler Satchel (Amazon Product Page)

Under Armour Large Lunch Cooler

This is a product that was born when an ultimate sports performance brand merged with Thermos. Thermos is a brand that, as many of you know, has for many years manufactured products that keep food warm. They wanted to create a product that was well insulated to keep food both warm and cold using advanced technology and high quality materials. On the other hand, the ultimate sports performance brand produce some of the best sports products available, including aqua sportswear.

polar pack lunch bag

What they produced was a cooler bag using Neoprene. Neoprene is the fabric that is used to make scuba diving gear and other water sports wear. It is very strong and stretchy. Bento Neoprene is a product that utilizes both sports technology and food technology to come up with a truly unique cooler box.

Key Features

best lunch cooler bags

  • Polyester material of 420 Denier, free of PVC.
  • The interior material is made of an Under Armour embossed, easy to clean material.
  • Ergonomic plastic moulded handle that really feels solid in the hand.
  • It is spacious.
  • The exterior pockets are all zippered.
  • The Under Armour embossed material is hard so it can carry even heavy items without sagging.
  • It has an adjustable handle clip.
  • Polyethylene foam insulation is from the premium ISOTEC insulation range of products.


  • The rugged interior keeps food from being squashed inside.
  • The exterior fabric is not easy to damage and this makes it ideal for kids to carry to school.
  • It is a highly durable product.


  • It is perhaps on the narrow side, especially when an ice pack is fixed at the top mesh area. It becomes difficult to add very many other items.

The link below will provide further details if you think this is the lunch cooler for you.

Check Out the Under Armour Lunch Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

Bento Neoprene Polar Pack Lunch Bag

This bag was made to be eco-environmentally friendly being lead free, vinyl free and PVC free. The Neoprene material has been used for the interior of the bag making it strong and highly washable too. A zigzag stitch has been used on the zipper, handle and the perimeter of the bag. This is a particularly strong stitch and many people who have purchased the Bento Neoprene Lunch Bag comment that the zipper that has been used is of very high quality, saving you the frustration of breaking the zipper tag or splitting the two sides of the zipper.

large lunch cooler


  • Not only is it easy to clean, it is also machine washable.
  • It is spacious enough to carry food packs, water bottles and a snack without becoming too bulky.
  • Has a shoulder sling or can be carried using the handle.

lunch box cooler


  • The provided lunch boxes are too small and do not even fit lunch for the average person. You are forced to pack some of your lunch in a different container.

Check the link below to buy the Bento Neoprene lunch cooler box.

Check Out the Bklyn Bento Neoprene Lunch Bag (Amazon Product Page)


The best lunch cooler bags should be able to serve their purpose without compromising on quantity. The Coleman lunch box cooler is small, compact and allows the use of cooler packs without getting damaged.

They are all available in large lunch cooler alternatives, to meet even the biggest of appetites!  These three cooler bags also give you the choice of an environmentally friendly option, a polyester bag, or just a bog standard cooler bag.

We hope this article has made it easier for you to find the perfect soft sided lunch cooler.  Why not let us know in the comments section below.