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In this category, we take a look at what an insulated cooler backpack is as well as some of the different features to look out for when buying one.

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Camping Convenience from a Backpack Cooler Bag

Some of us put our food in small plastic tubs and throw them into our backpacks, others carefully wrap them up and place it in a plastic bag. Regardless of how you carry your food and drink around with you, unless you’re using an insulated cooler backpack, you’re not being as efficient as you could be.

If you don’t want to have your drink warm and your food squashed, investing in an insulated backpack cooler is definitely something that is worth looking into, and this is exactly what we’re going to be looking at.

What is an Insulated Cooler Back Pack?

In comparison to a soft sided cooler, an insulated backpack cooler is similar except that it is not as compact, is fitted with a hard material to help maintain the general shape, and is designed so that it can be used as a backpack. That being said, you can also carry it around if you’d rather choose to do so.

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Some of the Features to Look For in a Cooler Back Pack

Below I have put together a short list of some of the main features which are worth looking out for when you are purchasing an insulated backpack cooler.

Size. This is especially important for a backpack cooler bag. If you are only carrying around a few items, having a smaller backpack is beneficial. You’ll find that although the price listings of small and large backpacks aren’t too far apart, a smaller backpack can have more benefits.

How it is Secured. There are two main ways in which cooler back packs are secured. The first way is with a zip, the second way is with clips. Some backpacks provide both. Ultimately, if you’re looking to retain a cold temperature for as long as possible, a zipped backpack is what you’re looking for.

insulated cooler backpackCompartments. Although this isn’t always necessary, if you plan on using your backpack cooler bag regularly, it’s worth taking a look at how many additional compartments it is fitted with and how big they are. With these smaller compartments, you can use them to save room inside of the cooler itself.

Take a Look at the Reviews. By looking at the reviews of an insulated backpack cooler, you can get a rough idea of other people’s experience with the cooler. That being said, you should always take reviews for what they are – other people’s opinions.

Unique Features. It’s always worth taking a closer look at what a cooler backpack has to offer which makes it unique. For example, certain coolers are specifically designed with hikers in mind which often have a built-in water bottles which are kept cool whilst the owner is travelling. Nifty little features such as this can really make the purchase worth it.

To Conclude…

The majority of people underestimate how useful an insulated backpack cooler bag can be. These backpacks are one of those items which, at first, you might find aren’t worth having, but once you get your hands on one you will be using it constantly and it will become a part of your daily life.

From the smaller backpacks, which are specially designed for you to carry only your lunch and a few other snacks, to the larger insulated backpack cooler which is designed with hikers and travellers in mind. There are backpack cooler bags for everyone.

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