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soft cooler with hard linerHard coolers have been in use for many years now but people have realized that such coolers have their limitations particularly as far as their use and ease in carrying are concerned. Ever since their introduction, soft coolers have become quite popular with the people who use them when going out for road or camping trips and on many other outings. For some time now, a soft cooler with hard liner, also referred to as soft sided coolers with hard liner, have become the preferred choice of users going out on excursions.

Why Is A Soft Cooler With Hard Liner Useful?

You can easily find a soft cooler with hard liner or soft sided coolers with hard liner and in both of these coolers, the hard liner serves the same purpose. This hard liner is a strip of hard plastic inside the cooler and it protects your food from being crushed. The hard liner can be removed for easy cleaning and, of course, the liner material should be approved by the FDA for food contact.

Why Might You Rather Not Want A Hard Lined Soft Cooler

The hard liner means that the cooler will be limited in how it can be folded up, meaning a true soft sided cooler can potentially have more uses.  For instance, a large cooler can still be folded up if it isn’t fully packed to fit into a tighter space on a camping or other trip.

What Are The Important Features To Look For In Soft Sided Coolers With Hard Liner?

soft sided coolers with hard liner

Important features to look for are as follows:

  1. Capacity to hold sufficient cans as per your requirements.
  2. Extra storage space by way of zippered pockets, mesh pockets on the sides and in the lid, etc.
  3. It should be lightweight and versatile enough to keep ice frozen for many hours and also keep warm foods and drinks warm for hours.
  4. The shoulder strap should be adjustable and must have a cushioned pad for added comfort.
  5. Soft outside for carrying comfort.
  6. The material of the cooler should be such that it provides antimicrobial protection and resists odor and mould. This is becoming standard on all coolers nowadays.

With a vast range of soft sided coolers with hard liner being available today, it should not be difficult to find one that matches your exact requirements.  Browse through the article library below and you should be sorted in no time.

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