The Ultimate IceMule Cooler Review

You’re out hiking with your best friends. It’s late morning and the sun is starting to heat up. Already exhausted from the one and a half hour hike, you look around for some shade where you can rest and have a sip of cold water. You locate a patch nearby and after wearily sitting on the ground, you eagerly rummage through your backpack for the water bottle. You take a sip. The water is warm and you can feel as it burns its way to your stomach. Could such a scenario be avoided? Perhaps this IceMule Cooler review post can help.

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An IceMule Cooler Review? What’s Different From the Competition?

Ice Mule Coolers offers an innovative solution. It comes in the form of a quality durable cooler designed like a backpack. The cooler is comfortable to carry, will accommodate several cans or perishables and will prevent ice from melting for more than 24 hours. There are several coolers to choose from and this Icemule cooler review will look at the top 3 units.

Ice Mule Review: Pro Cooler

front view of coolerThe Pro Coolers line from Ice Mule is designed for group outings. It’s a high capacity soft cooler that will keep beverages and perishables chilled while you’re out enjoying an outdoors adventure. Its design includes a 1000 denier outer shell. This is durable and waterproof to ensure that all the food and beverages you carry remain safe and chilled.

Its unique design also includes welded seams. Unlike zippers and sewn seams, this design creates a waterproof barrier that protects the underlying foam insulation. The inner layer consists of polyurethane coated vinyl which also offers a leak proof barrier. This outer/inner shell design with foam insulation will ensure that all ice kept within the cooler will not melt for up to 24 hours.

To ensure that you’re comfortable carrying this soft cooler, it comes with generously padded shoulder straps and back panel. If not in use, this cooler will easily fold up and fit inside its stuff bag.

Features and Specifications

  • 1000 denier outer shell, foam insulation and inner PU coated vinyl
  • Padded shoulder straps and back
  • 20 liter / 18 can capacity
  • Keeps ice from melting for over 24 hours
  • Welded seams

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  • Generously padded shoulder straps and back make it comfortable to carry
  • Durable and waterproof 1000 denier outer provides lasting performance
  • Welded seams ensure that cooler remains leak proof
  • Easy to fold and store when not in use


  • 20 liter capacity might be a bit limited for some people and in this case a better alternative would be the larger 30 liter capacity IceMule Pro.

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Ice Mule Coolers Pro Catch Coolers

icemule cooler reviewIf your outdoors adventure involves a lot of water activities and the occasional fishing trip, IceMule offer their Pro Catch Coolers. These are designed to keep water out, keep your catch chilled while you return to camp and even float!

Itss outer shell is made from quality 1000 denier fabric that won’t tear easily. Its waterproof nature is complemented by the welded seam design which keeps water out. The inner layer is equally well designed to offer a barrier that’s 2 times thicker compared to many competing soft coolers. This ensures that your catch remains chilled and fresh longer.

The Pro Catch Coolers design also includes a so-called IM Air Valve. This allows you to inflate the insulation layer when the cooler is in use (inflation also enables the cooler to float). The valve further enables you deflate the soft cooler for easy folding and storage.

Measuring 32 by 19 by 9 inches, it certainly is a high capacity soft cooler designed for preserving fish. The shoulder straps and back panels are also generously padded for comfortable carrying.

Key Specs

  • 1000 denier outer shell and heavy duty inner
  • IM AirValve included for inflating/deflating
  • Measures 32X19X9 inches
  • Welded seams prevent leaking
  • Bungee webbing and several tie down clips for attaching gear


  • High capacity soft cooler more portable compared to conventional fishing coolers
  • Leak proof design keeps ice intact longer
  • Comfortable to carry thanks to padded shoulders and back
  • Easy to inflate and deflate as the need arises


  • None really. It is designed for fishing so slime and odor are bound to build up. To prevent buildup, soak and wash in a water/vinegar solution with mild soap.

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IceMule Coolers Classic Coolers

roll away portable bag coolerIf you’re looking for a highly portable low capacity soft cooler to carry along on individual or group hikes, the Classic line from IceMule is a good option. Measuring just 4 by 5.6 by 17.9 inches, it’s one of the most portable soft coolers available today.

Like the other larger models from Ice Mule listed above, it comes with a durable and waterproof 1000 denier outer shell. It also includes welded seams which keep it leak proof and help to enhance insulation. Again, the inner lining is more than twice as thick as competitor products. This maximizes on insulation where the IceMule Coolers Classic promises to keep the ice kept inside intact for up to 24 hours.

Another feature is the inflating valve that allows you to pump air inside the insulating core. Besides improving on this soft cooler’s efficiency, inflation also makes it buoyant. When not in use, you can simply deflate it, roll it up and store it in its stuff-sack. A highly portable soft cooler, the IceMule Classic includes a padded shoulder strap. Other useful features include a side release buckle and roll top closure.

Top Features

  • Welded seams and heavy duty inner lining
  • Inflatable to improve both insulation ability and allowing it to float
  • Measures 4X5.6X17.9 inches


  • Compact design is highly portable and easy to fold and store when not in use
  • Easy to inflate and deflate when need arises
  • Tough and durable outer shell ensures extended use
  • Welded seams ensure zero leaks and improved overall efficiency


  • Rolling the top closure to access the contents inside and rolling it back shut to keep cool can be frustrating. However, it’s a necessity as it does a good job keeping everything inside chilled.

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Ice Mule coolers are among the top soft cooler manufacturers on the market today. Our Ice Mule review has looked at three of their most popular products. Each has unique features that make it suitable for a particular outdoors activity.

The Pro Coolers make great options if your main outdoors activities involve groups. The Pro Catch Coolers on the other hand are designed for anglers and water sports enthusiasts. If you enjoy solo outdoors activities, the Classic line makes a good choice. Don’t think, however, that any of the IceMule coolers wouldn’t make good soft coolers for less adventurous activities as well.

Now over to you – which IceMule meets your needs?