Orca Cooler Review – Bear-Proof Coolers

Our focus in this post is the Orca Coolers company and we will provide an Orca cooler review of some of the top offerings from them.

We’ll Cover the Extensive Features Sets Available in this Orca Cooler Review

Having an Orca soft cooler can be really handy. From going to the beach with the family for the day, to going camping with your friends for a weekend; there are endless uses of these coolers. However, the thing about coolers, as with a lot of products, is that there are literally hundreds of different products to choose from. Fortunately, Orca try to make each product unique in its own way, making the decision easier.

The Orca Soft Cooler Masterlock Set is Fantastic for Outdoors

One of the most unique features which Orca provide alongside each of their products is the “Orca Coolers Masterlock Set”, a set which is perfect for anyone who goes camping. With this lock set, you are able to protect anything which is inside of the cooler from rodents to bears. This distinct feature is one which is without a doubt worth keeping in mind when reading each Orca cooler review.

Below, we have broken down 3 different Orca products for you to look at starting with the Orca Backpack Cooler Pod.

Orca Backpack Cooler Pod

Backpack coolers are one of the easiest to carry around. Rather than stressing your arms, you are using your shoulders, allowing your legs to do a lot of the work (which you will feel less strain in).

orca backpack cooler

Key Features of this Orca Cooler Bag

  • This backpack cooler is waterproof and therefore is suitable for even the most extreme of activities.
  • Rather than struggling with a backpack’s zipper, this backpack is equipped with an easy-access lid.
  • Stores up to 7 gallons of supplies.


  • Due to the fact that it is a backpack, carrying it is incredibly simple. As well as the straps, there are handles located on both sides of the backpack.
  • The shoulder straps are heavily padded to make the backpack more comfortable and less straining on your shoulders.
  • There are two colors of this cooler available. Regular blue, or a camo version.


  • Although there are handles on the side of this Orca cooler bag, because of the shape of the backpack, it can be awkward to carry.
  • This cooler is designed for carrying a lot of supplies and therefore it can be heavy to carry on your shoulders, especially for long periods of time. This of course depends on what you pack into it. Fully packed with sodas or other beverages, wheels might be a welcome addition.

Our Opinion

If you have strong shoulders and aren’t bothered by how heavy this Orca cooler bag will get when you have filled it up with your supplies, then it’s definitely one which is worth checking out.

Many backpack coolers are designed with outdoor activities in mind, although one feature which they don’t keep in mind is weather. The fact that this cooler is waterproof is something which has made it stand out to us.

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Orca 20 Quart ORCG020 Cooler

This Orca cooler review is one which interests me the most, as this cooler could be compared to that of military grade. I know, I know – it is not technically a soft cooler but I thought it would be interesting to review a hard cooler for once.

orca cooler review

Outstanding Features

Some of the key features of the Orca ORCG020 include:

  • With the stainless steel handle, you can easily move this cooler around without having to worry about straining your shoulders etc.
  • Given the size of this cooler, it is definitely designed for those who intend on camping frequently with several days’ worth of supplies.


  • If 20 quart isn’t big enough for what you’re using it for, there are larger Orca soft coolers available (ranging from 26 quart up to 140 quart).
  • On the inside of this cooler, there is 2” of insulation covering the entirety of it. This allows for several days of cooled items.
  • This cooler comes with a stainless steel handle which allows for easier carrying of this cooler.
  • If you’re picky about the color, you’re in luck. This Orca cooler comes in wide range of different colors (check the link below for more details).


  • Due to the design and how much insulation there is with this cooler, it is heavier than some of the other coolers which Orca has to offer.
  • Following on from the previous con, if you purchase one of the larger models (such as 140 quart), then you can definitely expect to be carrying a heavy cooler around.


Solely due to the size of this cooler, we believe that it is more suited to activities which result in multiple days of supplies being stored in it.

The insulation that this cooler comes with can reportedly keep food and drinks cool for up to 10day, possibly more depending on how much you intend on storing. This is truly a remarkable claim and one which Orca would not make flippantly.

That being said, it is definitely one of the higher-end coolers that are available.

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Orca Chaser Stainless Steel Cup 20oz

With this Orca chaser, you are able to retain the temperature of a 20oz drink, either hot or cold, for extended periods of time.

orca cooler bag

Key Specs

  • With a plastic handle on the side of this steel cup, you can firmly hold it without the fear of spilling your beverage.
  • The cup itself is vacuum sealed to ensure that as much heat as possible is retained.
  • The transparent lid allows for you to see whether or not you need a refill!


  • Unlike other steel chasers, which typically come without a handle, this chaser is fitted with a polymer handle.
  • Due to the fact that this chaser is vacuum sealed, you can be confident that your drink will remain the same temperature for the maximum amount of time.


  • When purchasing this chaser, you are limited to only one design.
  • For some people, the handle may be inconvenient as it can prevent the cup from fitting in a cup holder properly.

Our Opinion

A chaser is something which almost everyone should have. This isn’t a matter of your hobbies. When you’re heading to work and you’re stuck in traffic, you can have a hot beverage for the journey. Perhaps you’re worried about your iced drink getting warm while you’re out in the sun. A chaser can prevent this.

As for this specific chaser, it is without a doubt one of the best out there. The transparent lid allows you to check whether it’s time for a refill, the vacuum seal, and to top it off, the sleek design of it. These are all factors which make this chaser worth buying and if you’ve yet to purchase a chaser, this is definitely one worth considering. RTIC also have a great offering.

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Orca Coolers are a company who offer so many useful products. More specifically, they offer some of the best soft coolers out there.

Now, if you’re looking to purchase an Orca backpack cooler but aren’t quite sure which one you should purchase, don’t worry about it!

When purchasing a cooler, take into account a few different factors. What will you be using it for? Will you be using it occasionally or regularly? How much stuff will you be storing inside of it? By taking each of these things into account, you’ll be able to make an accurate decision of which cooler is ideal for your needs.

There are plenty of coolers out there, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.  We hope this article was able to help.