RTIC Soft Cooler Reviews, The Best RTIC Has To Offer

It is a miracle if you find quality at reasonable rates nowadays. At a time when all the prices are talking to the sky, RTIC provides premium, top quality coolers and drink wares at a great price for the quality and feature sets you are generally provided with.  It is for this reason that this post focuses on RTIC soft cooler reviews.

RTIC soft cooler reviews

Why Focus an Entire Post on an RTIC Cooler Review?

A particularly commendable quality of the RTIC brand is its customer care service. Not only has it been reported by many of the company’s customers that the service is quick and the response time is incredible, but the RTIC sales correspondents give full attention to every customer, understanding their requirements carefully and suggesting to them the best product for their needs, irrespective of how big or small the order is. On delivery of the product, if there are any issues, they are taken care of in no time.  Replacement or service has never been an issue to their customers, and it truly seems that to RTIC every customer is as important as the last.

RTIC Soft Cooler Reviews and More Top-Notch Products

Below is a collection of reviews of some of the most popular products from the company, including the RTIC soft cooler, an insulated tumbler, steel bottle and coozie set.  Continue reading to discover exactly what sets RTIC apart.

Introducing the RTIC Soft Sided Cooler

Key Features of the RTIC Cooler Bag:

  • Rapid V-drain systemRTIC soft cooler
  • Premium hardware
  • Puncture resistant heavy duty nylon outer shell
  • Anti-microbial liner to keep the inside of the cooler hygienic for longer
  • 2’’ closed-cell foam insulation keeps ice up for up to 5 days

Pros of the RTIC Bag Cooler:

  • Large capacity holding up to 30 cans easily
  • Premium build quality similar to more expensive coolers
  • Easy to use, can be opened single handed
  • Light weight and durable
  • Will be a fantastic partner if you are going fishing or camping


  • Limited color options if you’re picky, but in our opinion, the camo pattern looks brilliant!
  • Currently not available in multiple sizes, although it is the part of the company’s long term plan to introduce smaller and larger sizes

Our Thoughts:

RTIC soft sided coolerThe RTIC camouflaged soft pack cooler is beautiful and stands out with its style, color, capacity and quality. The tear and puncture resistance of the outer shell makes it a perfect for a rugged outdoors trip, and with 95% of the customers rating the RTIC soft sided cooler between 4 and 5 stars, you can’t really go wrong.  Check the link below for more information on the product and to purchase from Amazon.

Check Out the RTIC Soft Pack Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

The RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler:


This is a double-wall, vacuum insulated, stainless steel tumbler with a transparent lid so you can see how much of your delicious drink you have left. This is an incredibly popular product from RTIC and here’s why:

Highlights of the Tumbler:

  • No sweat exterior, which means the outside stays dry with cool drinks avoiding the need for coasters
  • Strong stainless steel construction, which also looks rather handsome!
  • Splash proof lid
  • It is also thinner at its base, thus making it ideal for most car holders even on rough trails

RTIC cooler review


  • Works truly fantastically at insulating both hot and cold beverages
  • Comes in seven different exciting colors
  • Affordable with excellent build quality and looks
  • It also has a comfortable, easy grip handle

Cons of the 30oz tumbler:

  • There aren’t really too many here but it isn’t dishwasher safe so you need to hand wash this unit. This for us isn’t too big an issue.

RTIC steel cup


A tumbler which comes in pink, white, black, silver, teal and camouflage, keeps drinks hot/cold for up to 24 hours, and provides an easy grip handle really is a must have. It is better in every way than all other insulated travel mugs and will make a perfect gift for almost anyone!

Check Out the RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler (Amazon Product Page)

RTIC Stainless Steel Bottle:

The RTIC stainless steel bottle is yet another gorgeous item from RTIC.  It is also available in six different colors and comes with a screw top lid for ease of use.

Key Features:

  • The screw top lid creates an air tight seal keeping drinks fresher for longeropened steel bootle RTIC
  • Strong stainless steel construction so dropping the bottle by mistake should not be an issue
  • No need for a coaster as the exterior stays dry
  • Double wall vacuum insulation keeps the temperature stable for the maximum amount of time

Pros of the Bottle:

  • Wide opening for easier filling and cleaning (not a common trait among bottles)
  • Three finger grip screw cap (stylish and user friendly)
  • High grade steel (no chance of rusting, built to last)


  • Again, this is not dishwasher safe so handwashing will be needed

RTIC cooler bag


An everyday use bottle that’s actually good value for money.  It is the best choice for people who stay out all day and like their coffee hot. Also for fussy kids who like to sip ice cold water or juice after playing some sports. It can reportedly keep drinks hot/cold for more than 24hours – a claim not to be snickered at.

Check Out the RTIC Stainless Steel Bottle (Amazon Product Page)

RTIC Stainless Steel Coozie Can Cooler

The amazing RTIC can coozie is designed to keep a 12oz. can or bottle ice cold even on the hottest of summer days. Reportedly outperforming more expensive competitor products, the can coozie definitely deserves some serious consideration.


  • Heavy duty locking gasket
  • Smart stainless steel construction
  • A coaster is not needed
  • Cup holder friendly
  • Double wall vacuum insulation

RTIC bag cooler

Pros of the Can Coozie:

  • It is lightweight and easy to use, sealing up tightly when placing your food or drinks on the inside
  • As mentioned, it is more temperature resistant than competitor brands


  • The plastic removable top feels a little out of place with the high quality stainless steel shell of the cans

Our Opinion of the Coozie Set:

The coozie can set really is a remarkably useful product – great for personal use, and excellent as a gift for your loved ones. In particular, this is a must have for all beer lovers out there.

Check Out the RTIC Stainless Steel Coozie Can Cooler (Amazon Product Page)


RTIC is new in the game but has already made a mark and established itself in the insulated cooler products market. Customer reviews, word of mouth and online shopping statistics; all have been in its favor.

That doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise.  After all, why would anyone not like a brand with supreme build quality, attractive product designs and excellent customer service?  Be sure to seriously consider RTIC before buying your next cooler – you won’t be disappointed.