The Ultimate Soft Cooler Reviews

In this article, we build on the soft cooler reviews we posted before, covering an additional four of the best softside coolers out there and some of the different pros and cons of each of them.

Soft coolers are one of the most useful, yet underrated, things to have in your home. This applies especially if you live in countries that are very cold or particularly hot. You see, with a cooler like this, you are able to store your food and drink in it without having to worry about the cooler being unreasonably heavy to carry around. In comparison to a hard-sided cooler, having a soft sided cooler is simply a lot more convenient.

Soft Cooler Reviews Help Cut Through the Many Options Available

One issue which people run into when picking a soft-sided cooler is that there are way too many for them to choose from. It’s true, as with everything else that you can purchase on the internet, there are hundreds of different products available. Because of this, it can become somewhat difficult to find a high-quality cooler as well as a cooler which is right for you.

coleman 16 can soft cooler with hard liner

Make an Informed Decision with Soft Sided Cooler Reviews

Now, when it comes to purchasing a soft sided cooler, it’s in your best interest to look at some of the different soft sided cooler reviews that are out there. This provides you with an extra source of information as well an insight to how those who have already purchased the product feel about it. With this in mind, we will have a showdown between four specially handpicked soft sided coolers which ultimately, will help you to decide which is the one for you. These have received the highest ratings from buyers and we feel they are the best available (in addition to those we reviewed recently).  So, let’s jump right in!

Coleman 30 Can Soft Cooler with Hard Liner

To start, the Coleman 30 can soft cooler with hard liner is a truly a value for money product. With this Coleman soft cooler, there are several features which have made it stand out from the other coolers out there.

coleman soft cooler

Key Features of the Coleman Soft Cooler

Below are some of the key features about the Coleman 30 can soft cooler.

  • This Coleman soft cooler can hold up to 30 cans, yet it remains a very compact unit.
  • It is equipped with a hard liner to ensure your consumables remain undamaged.
  • There are pockets, and an additional compartment, on the outside of the soft sided cooler.
  • Simplistic design, therefore it is very easy to use and clean.

Pros of the Coleman

  • The fact that this cooler can hold up to 30 cans shows how big it is, perfect for family trips.
  • The hard liner is removable, making the cooler even more compact.
  • Although only a minor aspect of this cooler, there are a couple of different colours available.
  • To prevent dirt, mould, and bacteria from building up, this cooler is equipped with several anti-microbial properties.
  • With consideration to some of the other soft coolers which we have in this article, this is one of the cheaper ones and is well worth the money.


  • coleman 30 can soft cooler with hard liner

    The shoulder strap is not removable, therefore if you are hoping to strap it to the back of your bike or such, you would need to ensure that the strap is secure beforehand.

  • The mesh pockets on the outside of this cooler, although a very handy concept, are very fragile and may be prone to tearing.
  • There is no handle located on the top of this soft cooler so if you don’t plan on using the shoulder strap, you must carry it using the side handle; creating an awkward carry.

Our Opinion

Again, value for money is remarkable on this cooler and you are backed by possibly the biggest name in the cooler business – Coleman. If you plan on purchasing a soft sided cooler to use on occasion, this is perfect.

That being said, some of the flaws which we have listed would indicate that if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then taking a look at some of the other soft cooler reviews below would be in your best interest.

Negatives aside, if you are happy with this cooler although feel as though it would be too big for you, there is a Coleman 16 can soft cooler with hard liner available.

Click the button below to be directed to the Amazon product page for the Coleman soft cooler:

Check Out the Coleman 30 Can Soft Cooler with Hard Liner (Amazon Product Page)

Ozark Trail Jumbo Soft Cooler – 30-Can Zipperless

ozark trail jumbo soft coolerMore pricey than the Coleman 30-Can Soft Cooler with Hard Liner, the Ozark trail jumbo soft cooler offers a striking design and a unique feature set that really set it apart.  This certainly is a cooler for serious consideration.  So let’s take a look at what makes it special.

Key Features of the Ozark

Some of the outstanding features of the Ozark trail jumbo soft cooler include:

  • Rather than piling items on top of each other, the shelf provided allows for you to better organize the things which you store in your cooler.
  • This cooler is zipper-less, allowing for you to access it a lot easier as well as faster. Zips can be irritating to deal with, especially when they stick or wear, leaving you stuck with a bag that can’t close! For that reason, this is definitely a feature worth noting.

Pros of this 30-Can Zipperless Cooler

  • The high-quality insulation which this cooler is fitted with allows for your consumables to remain cooler for long periods of time.
  • For travelling, this cooler is perfect. It is fitted with water-resistant materials and is also stain-resistant; ensuring that any mess which is made won’t be recognisable after a quick clean.
  • A feature of this cooler that sticks out from the crowd is not only the fact that it has an exterior pocket, but that the pocket is also insulated to ensure it is just as cool as the interior. This is rarer than one might think!

inner design ozark trail jumbo soft cooler


  • Some reviews have indicated that although this cooler is fantastic, the insulation does have a tendency to declines over time. This is however dependent on how well you look after your cooler and you can expect this to happen with any product if proper care is not followed.
  • Given that there is no handle fitted on the top of this cooler, only the side handles or shoulder strap can be used for carrying.
  • Zipper-less coolers, while nifty and convenient, can in some cases not be as reliable as zipper coolers.

Our Opinion

When weighing the pros and the cons with this cooler, it’s clear to us that the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

That being said, we think that it’s important that you consider each of the cons before making a purchase decision. If none of the cons bother you, this is definitely a cooler worth checking out.

Check Out the Ozark Trail Jumbo Soft Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

Engel Soft Cooler Bag Backpack

The build quality of this cooler is second-to-none and you need only look at it to know this is a first class product.  The features which this cooler bag backpack comes equipped with are simply amazing, so we’ll get right into it.

engel soft cooler

Key Features

      • This bag backpack has a back compartment which isn’t insulated; perfect for carrying notebooks, electronic devices, and anything else which shouldn’t be stored in an insulated cold area. Engel really thought about everything here.
      • There are two straps fitted on the back of this cooler, as well as a shoulder strap. Ease of carrying a soft cooler is one of its main advantages over hard coolers, and being able to use this one as both a back pack and a bag make this a fantastically portable unit.

Pros of the Engel Soft Side Cooler

      • The vast number of compartments on this cooler bag backpack allows you to store a lot more in it. Some of the compartments aren’t insulated and thus, this backpack can be used to carry anything.
      • It is fitted with anti-microbial protection to prevent a build-up of bacteria from small fragments of left-behind food.
      • The inner lining is removable, allowing for the cooler to be easily cleaned as well as making storage a lot easier.


      • The material which this cooler has been designed using is one which stains will cling to and are difficult to remove.
      • The design isn’t zipperless which may or may not be important for some

engel back pack soft cooler soft sided cooler reviews

Our Opinion

There are barely any cons to this Engel soft cooler and the few that there are, are barely worth taking note of.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best softside coolers out there and if you’re willing to invest a little extra money in your purchase, and you intend on using it frequently, get your hands on it now.

Check Out the Engel Soft Cooler Bag Backpack (Amazon Product Page)

Arctic Zone Pro 30 Zipperless Cooler

This last soft sided cooler that we’re going to be looking at is one of the roomiest coolers out there, allowing for up to 30 cans to be stored in it.

arctic soft cooler

Key Features of the Arctic Zone Softside Cooler

      • A removable shelf is provided to allow for better organization of the cooler’s contents.
      • This cooler is designed using “SuperFoam”, a form of insulation which is one of the best for retaining temperature.
      • A zipper-less lid is fitted making access to the contents of the cooler a lot easier; in comparison to one which is fitted with a zipper.


      • As mentioned above, the SuperFoam addition of this cooler definitely makes it worth checking out. This is a huge pro as many coolers opt into using alternate insulation.
      • The several compartments allow for you to prevent your food from being damaged as you can store your food separate from your drinks.
      • This soft sided cooler is equipped with both a shoulder strap as well as handles, allowing for easy carrying.


soft side cooler

      • Zipper-less seals, while handy, can be quite problematic for some.
      • The shoulder strap of this cooler, rather than the typical “side-to-side” design, is attached at an angle. This can at times prove for an awkward carrying experience. But this is very much dependent on the person carrying it.

Our Opinion of the Arctic Soft Cooler

soft cooler reviewsIf you’re looking for a cooler which you can use on occasion without going too much out of pocket, you’ve found the perfect solution.

This cooler is equipped with several compartments, SuperFoam, and is simply a bargain. When weighing out the pros and cons, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is a winner.

Check Out the Arctic Zone Pro 30 Zipperless Cooler (Amazon Product Page)

To Conclude

If we take into account all of the pros and cons of each of the soft sided coolers which we have listed above, all of them are reasonable purchases. There is not a single one of the coolers above which we would say otherwise.

When it comes to the purchase, there are a few things which we would advise doing. First of all, think about what you will be using it for. Will you be using it for the beach? If that’s the case, weigh out the pros and cons, take a look at the soft cooler reviews, and find out which of the coolers work best in a beach setting.

No matter what the situation is, there is a cooler for you. So, if you’re adamant on making a cooler purchase but aren’t sure on how to decide which is the right one for you, take into account everything that we’ve discussed in the article above, consider your limits (spending limit, how much you’d be storing in it, etc.), and make a purchase that you won’t regret.